Maximize Your Live Betting Perks With Asian Handicapping

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Asian handicap betting has already taken the world by storm. Its immense popularity is due to its profitability and of course, the thrill and the challenge that it brings.

Many find this betting approach a bit complicated, most especially if you’re a green horn in soccer betting-or sports betting in general since Asian handicaps apply to all types of sporting activity. However, once you get the hang of it, you’ll know why this particular approach never fails in attracting more and more followers.

What is Asian handicapping?

The journalist, Joe Saumarez Smith first introduced the term Asian handicap in the online football betting scene in 1998. Smith was then interviewing Joe Phan, a certified bookmaker in Indonesia, who asked him to provide a translation of the hang cheng betting that is commonly used in Asia. Since the logic behind this system is to give the competing teams equal winning opportunities, the underdog is give an automatic lead even before the match takes place. Under this context, the heavy favorite is outscored, thus making them a literal handicap in the clash.

Aside from giving an equal winning opportunity for both squads, this type of Asian betting system also lessens the possibility of having a draw. This approach is more on determining the team that will can overcome or exploit the handicap, not really on the team that has the better potential to win. slot online

Take for example the hypothetical match between Manchester United and Queen Park Rangers (QPR). United is the favorite and QPR is the underdog receiving a handicap of 1.

If you bet for Manchester United and the match ended in 1-1, you lose your stake. Under the context of Asian handicap, QPR wins because it has an initial lead of 1 and it scored a goal. The team was therefore, able to score 2 goals compared to United’s 1 goal.

Different types of Asian handicap

Different types of Asian handicap exist and as much as possible, you’re encourage to familiarize yourself with all of them to increase your winning possibilities.

These are the following:

Full-goal handicap – Here Asian bookmakers use a whole number such as 1,2, 3 etc. as handicap
Half-goal handicap – The handicap’s value is 0.5
Quarter-goal handicap – The handicap’s value is 0.25
Advantage of Asian handicaps

Asian handicap will not be a big hit if it does not deliver any advantage to punters.

One of its advantages is that your winning possibilities are increased to 50%. Since there is no draw, you’ll only need to rely on two outcomes: the home or away team and apparently, this gives each team a 50% chance of winning.

Another advantage is that you can still win even if your team loses in the actual match. As mentioned, Asian handicapping is not about the winning team, it is about the team, which can overcome or exploit the handicap.

If you look at the above-mentioned example, let’s say you bet on QPR with the handicap of 2. Let’s say that United wins with a score of 1-0. Now instead of sulking inside your room, you better celebrate because in betting’s context, you still won. Overall, QPR has 2 goals compared to United’s 1.

Needless to say, it is evident that Asian handicap indeed gives you more advantage when you bet online. Therefore, it is only fitting that you enjoy and get the most of its benefits to appreciate live betting even more.

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