The Symtoms of A Gambling Addict

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A compulsive gambler is dependent on the game and a lot of time and money is spent. A gambling addiction can be defined in many ways but one thing is clear, if a player of casino games encounters these problems on a regular basis there is often a compulsion towards gambling.These are some of the symptoms of the compulsive gambler.

How to recognize compulsive gambling?

Recognizing a compulsive gambler can be very difficult. There are cases known where the person has had an addiction less than 20 years has managed to keep it hidden. Debt had piled in the hundreds of thousands but it was observed by no one in his environment.

The symptoms of a compulsive gambler can be divided into four groups: psychological distre, physical symptom, social problems and, of course, financial problems.

Psychological symptoms may include:

• depressed mood
• thoughts of suicide
• fears
• suspicion
• guilt
• aggressive feelings
• inferiority

Physical symptoms may include:

• headache
• fatigue
• trembling
• sweating
• sleep disorders
• memory loss
• gastrointestinal symptoms

You will notice that gamblers share a lot of the same symptoms as drug addicts. Typically their social skills are lacking as well. Often, a person with a gambling problem loses all his friends and ends up in social isolation. UFABET

Compulsive behavior

A compulsive gambler, you will be able to recognize a certain connection with the person where you have to compare his behavior with the behavior that he / she previously exhibited and / or behaviors that he / she expected. Below are some examples:

• When a player often says that he / she won. Often the gambler is living in a world of denial.

• A person with a compulsive gambling problem borrows money from anywhere they can. They will borrow from family, friend and even coworkers. Often these debts are not repaid by the loss of gambling addicts.

• Absence is often a noticable aspect of problem gamblers. When someone is frequently not where they say they will be it is time to suspect.

What can one do to stop a gambling problem?

It is not easy for a gambler to stop his addiction. Often the addict knows that they have an addiction. If you know someone you think has a gambling addiction, try talking to that person and let them know you have sympathy for their situation.

Talking is one of the most important ways a compulsive gambler can begin to recognize his problem. Just calling the compulsive gambler helps them to understand that they lost control of their gambling.


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